We are known for our custom work and making each clients idea into a one of a kind reality. we are very passionate about the work we do and the service we provide each person coming through the door

Established in 2012. We were once known in the northland as Freaks Tattoo. Eventually outgrowing the name and location, (this over the course of 10 years) we decided to step it up a notch and grow into what we have today. Old Souls Tattoo Parlour and Gallery. We really needed to move back to our roots and provide to a more specific clientele base that we have worked hard to connect with on an artistic level. We figure "if you're not moving forward, you're being left behind". We continue to move ahead and sharpen our skills daily. Our move was specifically targeted towards the arts district (the "cross roads" district) in Kansas City which was a way to showcase artist work from our hometown to out of state talent. "First Fridays" was ideal for our expansion and a way to bring all walks of life through our gallery to experience a tattoo parlour they haven't yet seen.